How to install smapi for stardew valley windows (after 1.6 updated)

How to install smapi for stardew valley windows (after 1.6 updated)

This article was written using translation provided by naver(papago).
So the translation is not accurate, but I hope it helps.

Last time, I introduced you how to sign up for the Nexus mode, and today I’ll show you how to install SMAPI, a must-have program for running different modes of Stardew Valley.

The installation method I’m guiding you is using the Nexus mode site, so if you haven’t signed up, please refer to the below and proceed.

1. How to install smapi for stardew valley windows?

스마피 다운로드 방법
This is how to sign up for SMAPI based on 24. 4. 3.

1) Access the SMAPI installation address within the Nexus Mode site and press MANUAL on the right end or select FILES → SMAPI 4.0.4 → MANUAL DOWNLOAD below.

스마피 다운로드 방법 2
Free Downloadable

2) Of course, we download it for free. You can download it quickly enough without a premium.

스마피 다운로드 방법 3
I’m going to decompress it!

3)  I use a compression program called Bandizip(unzip program in south korea) and it comes out like this, but it can be a little different for people who use eggshells(unzip program in south korea) and other compression programs. I’m not going to tell you how to decompress a compressed file. Unzip it.

스마피 다운로드 방법 4
Select your own operating system and click

4) Install on~ There should be three versions. You can do the version that fits your operating system. Most of the time, it’s Windows. I’m a Windows operating system, so I clicked on that file and installed it.

스마피 다운로드 방법 5
Select a location

When you run it, you ask the following questions.

Where are you going to install or delete SMAPI?

→ [1]Location: If you use genuine steam, the location will appear on your own.

→ [2]Location: Illegal copies…? or if you put the file in another location, you need to check the location.

We’re going to guide you based on steam, so enter it once and press enter.

스마피 다운로드 방법 6
Select Install or Delete

Next, select Install or Delete.

→ [1] Install SMAPI: If you are installing SMAPI for the first time, you can do it right away once.

→ [2] Delete SMAPI: If you used the old version of SMAPI, press 2 to delete it after entering it, and type 1 again to reinstall it.

스마피 다운로드 방법 7
Installation complete! Let’s change the executable

The installation of Smarty has been completed. Since ‘installation only’ has been completed, you need to change the executable file used to run the Sudu in Steam.

Copy the location in the image above to the %command% at the end, including the double mark (“).

Do not run unless you include a big quotation mark.

스마피 다운로드 방법 8
Change Steam Start Option

8) Steam Login → Library → Stardew Valley Right-click → Properties → General → Start Options

스마피 다운로드 방법 9
Paste the startup program in the square into the location copied from

9) as shown in the picture above.

스마피 다운로드 방법 10
it’s good at working

10) After pasting, if you turn off the properties window and run the game without much confirmation, you can see that the current version (1.6.3) of Stardew Valley is running in mode through the Smarty version (4.0.4) like the top left side of the Stardew Valley window.

2. Frequently asked questions about installing SMAPI

Q1. Is the update required?

A1. It’s not a requirement, but after a big update, the working mode doesn’t work! If you want to update and update existing modes as well, it’s a good idea.

Q2. After installing SMAPI, two modes are installed automatically. What is it?

A2. Administrator mode, automatic backup mode. It’s better not to delete both, especially automatic backup mode..

Q3. How do I download the Smarty MAC OS version?

A3. See Stardew Valley Wiki.

Q4. I’ve had a lot of errors since the Q4. 1.6 update, please help!

A4-1. Error Handler 3.18.2 because it’s obsolete ~ : Delete the Error Handler mode in the Mods folder. (This is the mode used in 1.5 and not used in 1.6 so an error occurs.)

A4-2. ~it’s no longer compatible : The modes that were previously installed are not compatible with the updated smartphone version. Delete those modes from the Mods folder, or update them if there is a new version available for 1.6 in Nexus mode.

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